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Year 5 African Art and Dance Workshop

Year 5 pupils participated in an African art and dance workshop which linked to their history unit on the kingdom of Benin. The pupils learnt to create African masks and then they used the masks in a class performance of an African dance. Year 5 really enjoyed the experience and learning opportunity. 

Year 3 Trip to the Science Museum 

Year 3 pupils had a fantastic experience when they visited London's Science Museum. They discovered lots of new information, and got to see and explore scientific inventions and discoveries. Year 3 had a wonderful time and the trip fuelled their love for Science even further! 

Year 6 RAF Museum Trip

Year 6 went to the RAF museum, which was linked to their History topic and the books they have read in their English lessons. Year 6 had a workshop that took them back in time to WW2 and they got to explore all the aircrafts! They had a marvelous time!