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The children and staff have loved immersing themselves in the range of stories Now Press Play has to offer. They have been interacting with the story and different characters enabling them to become a character in the story.

Now Press Play allows children to experience being in a different environment. Year 3 have visited the Stone Age, Year 4 have experienced being in the middle of a power cut and finding a solution to the problem.

Year 5 have experienced going through the water cycle and Year 6 are ready to immerse themselves in the experiences of WW2.


We particularly like how there are different dialects and accents used in the different stories to suit the contexts and range of settings. Children feel as if they are part of the story, subsequently they have shown to have an improved understanding and comprehension of the story at the end when it comes to the questioning. Our children with SEND have benefitted and engaged well from Now Press Play listening to it in a small intervention group then again in their whole class has ensured they have a good understanding of the story which has been delivered to them in a more engaging way.