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Chromebooks at The Godolphin Junior Academy


Why Chromebooks?

Bringing technology into the classroom has been shown to be a successful way to provide a 21st century learning environment, while Chromebooks are increasingly being incorporated into schools because they boost students' capabilities of learning anytime, and anywhere. Online access in classrooms significantly broadens the scope of the learning experience, creative thinking, communication, and collaboration.



Godolphin Junior Academy students are exposed to a variety of digital and online learning opportunities in teaching and learning. Students access information, create and present their learning in multimodal ways in order to ask questions, discuss, reason, clarify and ultimately formulate their own opinions about local and global issues. They are able to communicate, work and share ideas with each other and the wider community.



To ensure that all students and members of our school community understand the school's commitment to promoting safe, responsible use of digital technologies, and educating students on appropriate responses to any risks to safety and well-being when using the internet and digital technologies.


The benefits of the Technology in the Classroom linked to our own values is that it creates:

Resilience    Integrity     &    Creativity


High levels of Student Engagement - Using a computer, tablet, or other device encourages self-directed learning and helps develop an active participant in the learning process.


Facilitates Peer Collaboration - Students are able to work with others in small groups in an online environment, developing collaboration skills, while providing the opportunity to establish ethical online behaviours in a safe and monitored environment.


Prepares students for the real world - Technology is an integral part of how we work and live, every day. Teaching students how to use technology to learn, research, collaborate, and solve problems will better prepare them for their future.