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Ethos and Vision

Our Ethos and Vision


Our ethos and vision are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy, emotionally-well and mentally-well citizens.


Our ethos is to demonstrate and promote our three diamond rules in everything that we do, both in and out of school. We encourage every pupil, member of staff, parent and visitor to our school to embrace these expectations and to contribute to the ethos of our school by actively promoting them.


  • Care for everyone and everything
  • Show respect and good manners at all times
  • Follow instructions with thought and care


Through fully embracing these rules in our everyday life, Godolphin have created a school where relationships and well-being are at the centre of learning. Everybody who walks through the doors of our school is immediately greeted with a kind welcome, good manners and a positive, friendly atmosphere. Children care for one another and know that every adult in our school is championing them, has respect for their individuality and is committed to developing them to be responsible citizens.  

We celebrate this with our 'Citizen of the Month' awards. Achieving 'Citizen of the Month' is a proud moment for our pupils and school. This initiative is pupil led and each class writes a statement outlining why their chosen pupil has been a good citizen. 
This is the Godolphin ethos and we continually build upon developing respectful relationships to provide our pupils with life-long skills.  


                                       'Godolphin Grows Success'


'Godolphin Grows Success' is our vision statement and it applies to every pupil no matter what their starting point. We are an inclusive school, and it is our aim to ensure that every student is provided with the opportunities, guidance and personal drive to achieve their very best. 

Every pupil in our school contributed to writing this vision statement. We refer to our vision statement every time we celebrate our achievements. We refer to it every time we have a new target or goal as it encourages us to be continually ambitious. We also refer to our vision statement when we plan for the future, to understand that we can continually improve and have a positive mindset which enables us to achieve our aspirations. 

'Godolphin Grows Success' is the driving force behind ensuring everyone, every day is determined to achieve their personal best.