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Teaching and Learning at GJA


Our school motto is ‘Godolphin Grows Success’ which means our school will enable others to achieve and be successful. We also expect everyone within our school to be resilient, determined and to try their best. This attitude and relentless drive for excellence applies to everyone in our school; the adults as much as the children. We strive to develop excellence in our teachers so that our pupils benefit from exceptional provision and as a result have the best opportunities and outcomes in their education. We support our teachers to improve, progress in their careers, relish challenge and develop specialist knowledge in areas or subjects that they enjoy.


At Godolphin, we have created a high-trust culture where classrooms are open and welcoming, feedback is valued and teachers work collaboratively to learn and improve.


Everyone is a learner at GJA. We have adopted Covey’s trust behaviour of ‘Get Better’ as our driver to continuous improvement. As Covey states, when seeking to get better there are two strategies that are particularly helpful: seek feedback and learn from mistakes. At GJA, we encourage everyone to be ambitious, to take appropriate risks and to be reflective learners.

Improving Teaching and Learning