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The 1:1 Digital Strategy

Godolphin Junior Academy is proud to launch the Federation Digital Strategy for all pupils.


This is now the third year of a three-year Park Federation strategy to enhance, enrich and extend learning through the use of digital technology. All children and class teachers in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 have daily access to a Chromebook. We will continue to teach the curriculum which will remain broad, balanced and inspiring and now enhanced by technology.


With the Digital Strategy, the Federation wants to reduce and hopefully close the “Digital Divide” that exists between children of affluent families who have regular access to a digital device and other families who struggle to provide these for their children. This divide can have an impact on a number of factors; including educational achievement, employment opportunities and social engagement. Also, in the event of full or partial school closures, the school will be able to immediately provide eligible families with the technology their children would need for home learning/remote learning.


The Godolphin Junior Academy has:

  • Purchased more chrome books to ensure every Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 student has a Chromebook to use during lessons in school. The Chromebooks have been configured to ensure they are safe to use. 
  • Charging trolleys have also been purchased to charge the Chromebooks overnight.
  • The Wi-fi system has been reviewed and strengthened to support the added use of the Chromebooks.
  • Each Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 staff team across the school will continue to have specific in depth training with the digital lead in the school to support implementation. All other teaching staff working across the school have also had basic training on Chromebooks and google Workspace apps. 


We are determined to ensure that devices are only used in lessons when there are clear educational advantages to doing so. We want the device to become a useful tool for learning and for establishing richer, more challenging, and engaging experiences.

The Park Federation's Digital Vision Statement

Online Safety Strategy

360 Degree Online Safety Report