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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!

Welcome to Year 6


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Year 6's Angle Hunt

Year 6 pupils took to their environment on an 'Angle Hunt'. Looking carefully at our surroundings, we were able to identify a range of angles; from acute angles to reflex angles, we saw them all. We never realised how surrounded we were by them, they were everywhere! Whilst we were on our 'Angle Hunt' the class next door, were out on a mission too! Children were using their knowledge of angles and turns to direct each other to a mysterious object. It was fantastic to hear '...turn 45 degrees anti-clockwise' and '...6 steps north'. We were able to combine our Maths and Geography skills to complete our missions.

Year 6 work with Teen Tech

In Year 6, we have been working with Teen Tech, who have delivered live workshops to guide us, in our own building ventures. We worked in teams to identify a global or local environmental issue. We then had to think long and hard about the solution.

Using recyclable materials we constructed our designs. After completion we presented to the class and the top three were voted for. These are the winning ideas in 6IH, which have been submitted to TeenTech. Next week, we will be given feedback from the experts at Teen Tech about our projects. We are looking forward to hearing from them.


Year 6 Maths Lesson

During our maths lesson we were challenged to put our understanding of BODMAS/BIDMAS to the test.

We knew what each letter meant, but trying to use the different operations to make one trarget number was a challenge. 


But after much thought, trial and error we found some solutions. This is what we came up with, check to see if they are right. Can you think of any more?


'The hard part was getting started, but once we had a few ideas on the board it made sense.' Sia

'In my opinion the starting ws easier becasue there were so many possibilities, it became harder becasue every combination I was coming up with was already on the board.' Talha

Year 6 read Kensuke's Kingdom!

Year 6 have begun to read their next text: Kensuke’s Kingdom. We inferred information about the story by studying the front cover. We then used mixed media to re-create the cover image by Michael Foreman. Our interpretations show the ‘Peggy Sue’- the boat that may lead to lots of adventure- we think! 

We are very excited about our new text and can not wait to read and find out what happens.

Ibrahim K “Can I go and buy the book so I can read ahead?”

Take a look at our art work and we will let you know what happens in the story!

Year 6 Teachers Letters to Pupils


Our Year 6 teachers have all written a letter to their class to enjoy reading whilst they are at home. We hope this helps our Year 6 pupils to feel connected and to know that their teachers are always thinking of them and following all of the wonderful work that they are completing at home. They will get to read all about what their teachers have been doing too! We would welcome our pupils to write back to their teacher. If they would like to do this then a parent can email their letter to their class teacher. Enjoy! 

Head Boy and Head Girl Presentation

Still image for this video
On Saturday, Head Boy and Head Girl delivered a very mature, professional and impressive presentation to The Board of Directors and the CEO, Dr. Martin Young. Their aim was to present on what it is like to be a pupil at Godolphin Junior Academy. Their delivery, articulation and effective use of vocabulary truly engaged their audience - not to mention their enthusiasm and passion for our school which shone through.  They represented Godolphin brilliantly, and I am sure that you will agree, they are clearly destined to be our future leaders. A proud moment for Godolphin! Head Boy and Head Girl have demonstrated how GJA ensure that our pupils grow to be responsible and caring members of society and global citizens. Well done Head Boy and Head Girl!

Year 6 Visit the RAF Museum

Year 6 had a splendid time over two days at The RAF museum in London. Having studied World War Two and read the emotive novel ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’ last term, they were armed and ready with facts and information and knew all about rationing, the blackout, propaganda, the roles of women and the role of Slough in the war.

It was time to put into practise what they’d learnt. Students had the opportunity to dress like RAF pilots and air crew men; experience an air raid; a lucky few even got to sound the air raid warning and try on a gas mask.

The planes are stunning and there are exhibits dating back to the the early days of flight all the way to modern aircraft. We even saw a Hurricane that was built in Langley.

The museum is well worth a visit if you enjoy aircraft and like a a good walk- Miss Langston clocked up over 10,000 steps during the visit!

Year 6 Make Soup!

 This week in year 6, we rolled up our sleeves and got cooking!

After looking at rationing during World War 2, we used the ingredients that could be home grown. Most vegetables were easy to grow as everyone geared up to 'Dig for Victory'. Using these basic ingredients, we chopped, peeled and cut to make our very own 'Vegetable Soup'. We measured out the quantity of water we needed and after 45 minutes on heat, we were left with half the volume of our soup. The vegetables were soft and tender; the smell divine and all we had to do was wait for the soup to cool. Once cool, we tucked in and appreciated the warmth as it slipped down our throats - all the chopping, peeling and cutting was worth it!


Year 6 Working Hard

Look how hardworking our Year 6 pupils are. This is my reading group who come to practise their skills with me on a Friday. They are focused, thoughtful and resilient in their learning. These children have an incredible attitude to learning, and they are determined to succeed. Well done Year 6 - your efforts make me so proud. Keep up the hard work.

Godolphin Grows Success!

Mrs Abell

Year 6 WW2 Display 

The Year 6 classrooms have allowed our pupils to step foot, back in time to World War 2. Our pupils have been eagerly studying the second world war in their history lessons, aided by their class text 'Goodnight Mister Tom.' How fantastic that their classrooms have been transformed into engaging learning opportunities to fully immerse our students in war-time life.


Well done Year 6!

Year 6 visit from Slough Music Services


On Wednesday Year 6 were amazed at their hidden musical talents. We were lucky to be visited by Slough Music Service, who demonstrated how various instruments can be played. As well as amazing us with their musical abilities they showed us the classes they run to teach children how a violin, cello, drum, piano can be played. We learnt to sing a song during the presentation, while some children played the violin and cello. This has inspired many of us to learn to play an instrument. 

"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything." - Plato. 

Year 6- 'Goodnight Mr Tom'

Year 6 have kick started this term with the Second World War. Our new book 'Goodnight Mr Tom' has griped us and taken us back in time, as we explore the life of an evacuee - William Beach. Already, we have begun to understand the impact of the war on children of London and how they were evacuated and cared for by complete strangers, miles away. We created tableaus to show the different scenes in the story so far. From billeting officers, parents saying goodbye, children leaving, to people receiving the children in the countryside; there was a menagerie of emotions, felt by all. We explored these feelings and tried to understand how they may have coped. 


Year 6 Christmas Concert

A festive turnout for the Year 6 Carols by Candlelight. Pupils in Year 6 enjoyed singing Carols such as Run, Rudolph Run and White Christmas. Year 6 wish you a merry Christmas. 


Wayne Dixon visits Year 6

On Friday 13th December 2019 Year 6 were lucky  to have a visit from Wayne Dixon, who works with CCiS in Slough, Windsor and Maidenhead. The children participated in an extremely fun-packed and fact-filled presentation. After hearing the Christmas story, the children were left in awe at the plot twists of what they knew as 'The Nativity'. The children were also able to amaze Wayne with all their knowledge about the Christmas story according to Mathew and Luke's Gospel - well, the many similarities and differences between the two interpretations.


'Wayne knew so much, but he was surprised when I said there was different versions of the story.' 

Year 6 Theatre Trip

Year 6 PCSO Visit

On Friday the 29th November 2019, Year 6 were visited by our local PSCO for a special workshop to educate us about 'knife crime'. PCSO Bob spoke about the dangers of carrying knives, what we could do if we ever came across a knife, as well as discussing when it was suitable to carry a knife.


Year 6 asked many questions about the world of policing, as well as how to keep safe. Khajiah Khokhar 'It was good to hear about how the police are always preventing knife crime and trying to keep us safe on the streets.' The children were also able to explore and understand why people may carry knives and the implications of these choices. Jannat Ali said: 'I didn't realise so many people carried knives and that you could be sent to the Young Offenders Institute if you are carrying a knife; even when you haven't used it.'


It was an eye opening workshop and really helped us all to realise and appreciate the severity of knife crime.