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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

Welcome to Year 4!


Click below to learn all about Year 4!

Academic Year 2020 - 2021

Year 4 Pop-ups

During this term in DT, Year 4 has been learning about pop-ups and studied the works of Matthew Reinhart. They have then made pop-ups based on a story they have been reading in Literacy called ‘Arthur and the Golden Rope’.

Well done Year 4. You have created amazing DT projects.

Year 4 Christmas Activities

Anglo Saxon Day


This  week, Year 4 has celebrated Anglo-Saxon Day. They all arrived at school quite excited to experience being an Anglo-Saxon for the day. They all looked amazing as they were transported back in time. They dyed materials the Anglo-Saxon way (using turmeric) and designed tunics, they played with the long boats and shields. They thoroughly enjoyed the day and are looking forward to the next topic day.


4AP Halloween Video

Still image for this video
Mrs Paulino loves nothing more than to decorate her classroom to surprise and engage her pupils. This time, she created a Halloween wonderland for the pupils to enjoy whilst they were learning. As you can imagine, the pupils were amazed to see the wonderful transformation of their classroom and they enjoyed this special atmosphere whilst they worked hard at their learning. 

Year 4 ICT Lesson

This week in ICT Year 4 filmed their classmates presenting Animal Facts from the internet research they completed last week. They had to hold the camera very still and make sure they focused on the presenting group.

Well done Year 4, we have some budding camera operators in the making!

Year 4 Teachers Letters to Pupils


Our Year 4 teachers have all written a letter to their class to enjoy reading whilst they are at home. We hope this helps our Year 4 pupils to feel connected and to know that their teachers are always thinking of them and following all of the wonderful work that they are completing at home. They will get to read all about what their teachers have been doing too! We would welcome our pupils to write back to their teacher. If they would like to do this then a parent can email their letter to their class teacher. Enjoy!

Year 4 have been designing and creating their own winter scenes based on our book 'Pugs of the Frozen North'.

Please have a look at how proud 4FP are with their collages of their winter scenes.

Brilliant artist work 4FP. Well done!

4FP have been reading the book 'Arthur and the Golden Rope'. We have been learning how to read with expression, use our body language to express our emotions and how to use props effectively.

We read a section of the book where the main character (a young boy) watches his town being destroyed by a wolf as he peers over the top of a canopy. This is the section we performed. 

4AP's assembly


4AP's assembly taught us all about light and how our eyes work. Their scientific vocabulary was outstanding and they were all fully involved, from reading, acting and singing. Great work! 

4QM class assembly

4QM had their class assembly informing everyone about Norse mythology! It went well and we are proud of them all! Here are some photos from the assembly.

Year 4- Mass

This week, Year 4 have been learning about mass in Maths. We have used scales to measure the weight of different objects. We first estimated the weight and then weighed the actual objects. We were very excited to see how close our measurements were and were surprised by some of the results. 

"This is the first time I used an actual scale" by Khadija (4AP).

"I was excited because I used a real weighing scale" Hassan (4FP).

"It made the learning more clear because I could see the increments on the actual scale" by Alishbah (4QM).

"I was amazed to see the measurements on the package was exactly the same as on the scale" by Mannat (4IP). 

Year 4 are mass-experts! Keep up the good work as always!

Year 4 - Pugs of the Frozen North

This half term Year 4 are focusing on the book ‘Pugs of the Frozen North’. We are using this book in our Reading and Writing lessons. We have been reading the book and have acted out a scene from Chapter 1. This helped us to understand how the characters are feeling. We also decorated our classrooms to have the atmosphere for the North Pole.

Our children were keen to share their thoughts of this lesson:

“I was happy because everyone took part,” Zinneerah 4AP.

“This activity helped me to understand the scene better because I was able to act it out and think about it more, “ Dennis 4AP.

“The first chapter was so intriguing that I cannot wait to hear the rest of the story,” Daanyaal 4AP.

"Acting really helped me understand the character's emotions." Yasir 4FP.

"I wonder what will happen to Shen and the pugs now." Emaan 4FP.

Well done year 4. Keep up the good work.

Year 4 History Lesson

During this term Year 4 has been learning about the Anglo Saxons in history. They learnt about who they are, where they came from, their way of life, how they invaded and ruled Britain. The children were so interested in learning more and more each week. They acted out some scenes. They dyed some materials with natural resources (tumeric, red cabbage and berries, green vegetables) to create a garment for an Anglo Saxon character. They were always excited when they knew it was a history lesson again. Here are some examples of the outstanding book work they produced from these lessons. Well done Year 4. Godolphin Grows Success. 

Year 4 Christmas Nativity

I am massively impressed with the Year 4 Xmas Nativity that you, the children, have performed this past week. It was of very high-quality, the spirit of the children and the level of performance was excellent. You have clearly worked very hard.

Mrs Paulino 


“The set, the props, and the donkey! So creative. An excellent performance. 

I LOVED Jai Ho at the end too. Really ended the show on a climax.” Mrs Abell


“Excellent performance Year 4, it was one of the best productions I have seen for a long time.” Mr Dallibar


“This was a truly exceptional performance and it was wonderful to see how excited the pupils were about performing. It was of a very high standard and I was thoroughly enthralled. Next stop the West End!” Mrs Watson-Jones




Godolphin Grows Success.

Year 4 Trip to the Gurdwara

As a part of our Religious Education curriculum, Year 4 has visited the Ramgarhia Sikh Gurdwara on the 13th November. The children were warmly welcomed by the volunteers of the Gurdwara and were explained in detail about the Sikh beliefs and culture e.g. the importance of the worship place (Gurdwara) in the life of a Sikh and the significance of Guru Granth Sahib.

At the Gurdwara, the children had the experience of exceptional hospitality from the langar. They also managed to see the magnificent artwork based on Guru Nanak’s 550 birthday. In short, it was a life time experience for most of our children in our school.

Year 4 Poems 


In year 4, in Autumn 1, we have been reading the book called 'The Lost Happy Endings'. We wrote poems about an emotion that the main character had at a specific point in the text. We hope you enjoy reading our poems.

4FP Sound Workshop

Still image for this video
We had a sound workshop which introduced our new Science topic. The children were highly engaged and learnt some key vocabulary and knowledge.

Please watch our video above to see some of the activities that we did!

Aspirational assembly

Year 4 were lucky to have an assembly held by Dr Qureishi who is an ear, nose and throat surgeon. He told the children about his journey to becoming a doctor and what his job entails. Also, he provided the children with more knowledge and language around the topic of sound which is linked to year 4's science topic this half term.

The assembly was aspirational for our children and they thoroughly enjoyed meeting him and learning about this type of job.

Godolphin Grows Success!