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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!



Year 3 Science- Living things and their habitats

This term, our topic was, ‘Living things and their habitats’. In relation to this, during the last couple of weeks, the children of 3SR have been busy exploring their environment to look for vertebrates and invertebrates. Some of them planted new plants without using seeds as well. For instance, they used potatoes and onions to grow even more potatoes and onions. Some even used recyclable materials and turned them into some very useful things that could be used to help save animals’ habitats. Here are some examples to share, keep exploring!  

Year 3's Creative Task - Food Art

This week for our creative lesson we headed towards the kitchen. The task was to make a picture scene out of food!

Year 3 definitely got creative! 

Year 3 Teachers Letters to Pupils


Our Year 3 teachers have all written a letter to their class to enjoy reading whilst they are at home. We hope this helps our Year 3 pupils to feel connected and to know that their teachers are always thinking of them and following all of the wonderful work that they are completing at home. They will get to read all about what their teachers have been doing too! We would welcome our pupils to write back to their teacher. If they would like to do this then a parent can email their letter to their class teacher. Enjoy! 

Year 3 - Fractions

3RH have been finding out how to make one whole. They used fraction tiles to identify the different fractions and put them together to create one whole.

Year 3 - Freeze Frames

3RH have been creating freeze frames from The Tin Forest. Once we had recreated an illustration from the book we added thought bubbles to show the characters feelings and emotions. Can you guess any of their emotions?

Year 3 - Measuring

Year 3 have been learning how to measure accurately to the nearest mm. After measuring the objects accurately we used our maths skills to convert between units of measure. 

Year 3 Displays

Every day our Year 3 pupils get to walk this amazing corridor and enjoy the sights and sounds of the circus. They are able to reflect and consolidate their learning from their circus topic and continue to use this knowledge and skills throughout their new learning.

Our pupils love being part of a creative and imaginative school that brings learning to life.


Well done Year 3 for your amazing work and well done to our Year 3 teachers for their marvellous creations! 

Year 3 Art Work

3JB got artistic using oil pastels and recreated a Georgia O'Keefee style flower using the blending, stippling, curling and 'scruffito' techniques that they had learnt. We were amazed at what we achieved - Godolphin grows artists! 

Year 3 Mock Elections

3RH thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the Mock Elections today, there were lots of heated debates, great speaking opportunities and then the excitement of voting!

Year 3 Art Lesson

3RH have enjoyed mastering the techniques of shading and tone in their art lessons as an introduction to their new topic of Portraits.


Year 3 Christmas Performance - Lights, Camel, Action!... A Strictly Nativity

Well done on your amazing Christmas Nativity performance Year 3!

Year 3 receive mail from Ebrima

Year 3- ' Ug Boy'

Year 3 have been reading Ug, Boy Genius during our Power of Reading lessons. We have thoroughly enjoyed finding out more about the characters, Ug, Dug and Dugs. Ug is a great example of someone who continues to experiment with new ideas and tries his best to make changes which will help others. Year 3 have written persuasive speeches encouraging the Stone Age community to try out some of the ideas. They have encouraged Ug not to give up and to continue to work on his ideas as practise makes perfect!

Celebrating Differences

In year 3, Autumn 2, we have been learning about differences and we looked at different scenarios that could cause conflict within families and how to solve them. We were taught how to use the Solve It Resolution model. 


This model involves each person talking about their feelings in the situation, thinking about different solutions and agreeing a way forward.


We worked in groups on different scenarios and we learnt that it is important to listen to each other's feelings and ideas, and to come to an agreement that everyone is happy with.