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Spelling Bee

Our three Year 5 pupils Shaan, Umayyah and Aishah represented GJA in The Park Federation's annual spelling bee last night. They were incredible. Each child is provided with a word that they must spell, under a spotlight, into a microphone and in front of a large audience. As you can probably imagine - they were very brave. Some of the words are so difficult I think most adults would struggle to spell them under those conditions. For example, GJA had words such as 'catalogue' and 'ultimatum' to handle. Not only were our children very impressive in their spelling ability, but their resilience and professionalism was also commendable. Umayyah also got a special mention at the end because she stood out as a child who was cheering other children on and clapping everybody including her opponents. An excellent attitude to have!

GJA did not win this time but their performance was marvellous and the children competing made us feel proud, and they should be very proud of themselves.

Well done GJA! Godolphin Grows Success.