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Specialist Resource Provision
About Us

Specialist Resource Provision

Our Resource Base (The Ocean)

We have a specialist resource base provision at Godolphin with ten places for children with ASD and complex needs. Our resource base is known as 'The Ocean'. 

We foster a nurturing environment to support children in our resource base to become confident learners and communicators. 

Our resource base is well-equipped with a range of facilities such as a sensory room, a kids kitchen, an outdoor nature garden and a large well-resourced classroom with interactive learning for hands on learning. 

Pupils in the resource base will spend a minimum of 30% of their timetable in their mainstream class with their peers. This is personally tailored for each pupil based on their strengths and needs. We ensure that every pupil is provided the learning diet required to thrive. 

All pupils in receive specialist lessons to support independence, social skills and communication. These lessons include hands on learning and continuous provision to ensure that children, where appropriate, can learn through hands on play.

Some of the time will be spent attending a number of interventions to help children achieve academically and socially.  This will include speech and language sessions, Emotional literacy sessions (ELSA), social learning, Lego therapy and specialist academic sessions. 

Each child has social and communication targets which are created using the inclusive curriculum based on their individual EHCPs.  This means that students will be working throughout the day on the essential skills needed to be an effective communicator; this could mean greeting a peer, managing social situations or holding a lengthier conversation.  

Speech and Language in the Resource Base

We work closely with our own Speech and Language assistant, together developing programmes and weekly interventions to help students with their communication and sensory regulation needs as well as focusing on independence and socialisation. Following the sessions, daily activities are undertaken to ensure practice and consolidation of skills.

Specialist Provision

We have a wealth of specialist provisions and interventions to offer our pupils which cater for their individual needs and enable them to become confident, happy learners. These provisions include:

  • Better Reading Partners Intervention
  • ELSA
  • Lego Therapy 
  • Social Skills Intervention 
  • Speech and Language 
  • Specialist PE lessons 
  • Cookery 
  • Sensory Room Provision 

Lego Therapy

Kids Kitchen