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Keeping Children safe is everyone’s responsibility. All pupils have the right to be safe and protected from abuse. At The Godolphin Junior Academy all staff share responsibility in working together to try and make this a reality for our pupils. Information and training is provided to all staff regularly on safeguarding procedures and government guidance.  On arrival at Godolphin all visitors are provided with a safeguarding leaflet enlisting our school's key safeguarding information and procedures.

Meet our Safeguarding Team

Streamlining our Safeguarding Processes and Procedures

At GJA we use a software called CPOMS to record all of our safeguarding information in a safe and secure format. This system works well alongside all of our existing safeguarding processes.

Having access to CPOMS means that every member of staff can log safeguarding information into a secure system and it will be immediately sent to the safeguarding team. The safeguarding team uses the CPOMS tool to analyse information and then set in place actions and strategies to make sure all of our pupils are supported and kept safe. 

PSHE Jigsaw and Safeguarding 

At The Godolphin Junior Academy, we teach the scheme 'Jigsaw' for our PSHE lessons. This scheme teaches safeguarding explicitly and implicitly throughout the lessons. The document below outlines how this is achieved. 

On-line Safety

At Godolphin every effort is made to ensure that our pupils understand how to stay safe and behave online. Online safety is built into many different parts of the GJA Curriculum.  Furthermore, we regularly communicate and share with our parents tips, advice and information on how to keep children safe online.

National Online Safety (NOS) provides a multi award winning online safety education for the whole school community, helping schools to meet their statutory safeguarding and curriculum requirements through the most comprehensive online safety programme for educators, parents and children. 

Godolphin have shown our commitment to protecting our pupils online by working with National Online Safety- providing resources for all parents and carers. Godolphin has joined the National Online Safety's campaign: #WakeUpWednesday.

The NOS's #WakeUpWednesday campaign is where every Wednesday the NOS release information about keeping safe on e-safety topics such as playing the Xbox or online learning and so on.  The NOS's #WakeUpWednesday campaign is viewed as one of the most trusted and reputable learning resources in the UK, providing expert advice on the latest platforms and online risks that parents and carers need to know about through a beautifully engaging and content rich design.

So every Wednesday as part of #WakeUpWednesday we will share with you the NOS's weekly guides around e-safety, so look out for these every Wednesday.

The Godolphin Junior Academy has successfully met all the criteria to achieve the NOS Certified School Community Accreditation for their commitment to Online Safety!

If you would like to learn more about how you can support online safety as a parent then you can create an online account please download the National Online Safety app and log in (Click on the link below). You will be able to watch webinars and read resources about how to keep your child safe online.

  • NOS Parent AccountTo create your account, enter your details. When you’re set up, you’ll be able to set ‘Parent/Carer’ as your user type

You can access National Online Safety online via any device, including via the brand-new smartphone app. To download the app, please go to:

Safeguarding Policies and Documents