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R Time
Key Information

R Time


At Godolphin Junior Academy our whole school community live and breathe a dynamic programme called R-Time: ‘Relationships To Improve Education.’

This is a structured programme that builds and enhances relationships for our students; a skill they can use and take with them beyond their school life.

Each weekly session aims to develop respectful relationships, along with good manners, life-long social skills, improved behaviour and supports their well-being. With these learnt skills it reduces bullying, encourages conflict resolution and teaches everyone to respect the rights of others’ beliefs and values.


At Godolphin Junior Academy our sessions are taught once a week for 15 minutes, but it is seen in every aspect of our school life. R-Time is a non-academic subject that is accessible for all ages and abilities.

Within each session, the structure of the lesson includes the following steps:

  • Diamond Rules and Instruction
  • Random Pairing
  • Meet and Greet
  • Ice Breaker
  • Activity
  • Plenary
  • Farewell

All teaching staff are trained in the effective implementation of R-Time. The effects of which are visible within the school. At Godolphin we have four R-Time Champions as an added support and to ensure consistency of R-Time across the school.


At Godolphin, R Time is the ethos of our whole school. We live and breathe the rules of R Time and this has directly impacted our students as they are more independent, aware of their behaviour, actions and attitudes and are able to use these learnt lifelong skills in their everyday lives.

Our students have learnt how to be self-regulated, solve disagreements between themselves, share fairly and are aware of rewards.

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