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Mental Health Support Team

Mental Health Support Team

The Mental Health Support Team in Slough is working with Godolphin Junior Academy to promote student and staff wellbeing and improve access to mental health support.  

The Mental Health Support Team can support students at Godolphin Junior Academy with mild to moderate mental health difficulties which may be affecting their day-to-day life. The MHST can help children and young people with:

  • Managing worries/anxiety 
  • Low mood
  • Difficulties with Emotions  
  • Sleep Hygiene 
  • Challenges around behaviour

Depending on the age of the child, they may work either directly with them or with their parents/carers. They also work with the school, supporting us to have a greater focus on emotional health and wellbeing in various aspects of school life.

If you would like more information on what the Mental Health Support Team do, how they do it, or how to make a referral, please ask staff for one of our leaflets or visit the Mental Health Support Team website.