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Lego Group

Lego Group

This group of children are learning how to communicate in social situations by working together to build a construction, using Lego bricks, in a therapeutic setting. It falls under the broader category of play therapy and provides a natural way for children to learn about themselves, relationships and the world around them by sharing key social experiences with their peers.

Lego Group helps children become more responsible for their behaviour, and they develop successful strategies for this. This group helps them to develop respect and acceptance of self and others, and empathy for the thoughts and feelings of others too. Lego therapy provides a natural opportunity for communication, putting emphasis on co-operation, problem-solving and conflict resolution.

This group is different to simply ‘playing’ with Lego. It follows the principles of play therapy and the children learn how to relate to others in a structured environment for a set amount of time. They are supported by a trained member of staff and learn to follow the Lego Group Rules.

Godolphin’s desired outcomes for the pupils include reduced anxiety about social interactions and building positive peer relationships.