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Key Information


The Academy Council 

Each federation academy has an Academy Council. The Academy Council is made up of nine governors: three community governors, three parent governors, two staff governors and the principal. Parent governors are elected by the parent body of the academy, staff governors are elected by the staff members of the academy and community governors are appointed by the Academy Council. Term of office is four years. 

Please see the Academy Council structure below:

Name  Governor  Role/Link



Terms of Office 
Chris Duffy Community Governor


Pupil Premium

100% 1/9/2021-31/8/2025
Denise O'Brien Community Governor Safeguarding N/A 15/5/2023-14/5/2027
Lily Scanlan Community Governor


40% 24/2/2021-23/2/2025
Kimberly Richards Parent Governor Wider Curriculum 100% 24/1/2022-23/1/2026
Amritpal Randhawa Parent Governor Wellbeing N/A 1/9/2022-31/8/2026
Farrah Baig Parent Governor Pupil Voice N/A  

Harpreet Sangha

Staff Governor Health and Safety N/A 1/9/2022-31/8/2026
Farah Qureishi Staff Governor Attendance    
Helen Abell Principal   100% 1/9/2018
Former Governors (Last 12 months)      
Rafid Jadoon Community Governor


Pupil Premium

100% 1/9/2020-31/8/2022
Aasia Hassan Parent Governor Curriculum 40% 4/11/2020-31/8/2022
Asad Malik Parent Governor Curriculum  40% 5/3/2020-31/8/2022
Rani Lakha Staff Governor

Health and Safety


80% 1/9/2020-31/8/2022
Paul Bahia Community Governor

Core Curriculum

Digital Learning

N/A 26/09/2022-21/12/2022

Declaration of Interests

Kimberly Richards is a member of staff at The Park Federation 

Paul Bahia is a governor of another primary school. 

The Park Federation Governance 

The Park Federation's Structure of Members and Board Directors

To view The Park Federation's governance structure, please click the link below: 

The Park Federation's Annual Reports and Financial Statements

To view the Park Federation's annual reports and financial statements, please click the link below:

The Park Federation Terms of Reference 

To view The Park Federation terms of reference, please click the link below: