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Active Movement

Active Movement

The Active Movement Programme

Godolphin Junior Academy are excited and proud to be part of the Active Movement programme. Many schools across Slough have taken part in the initiative in the hope of improving the health and well-being of Slough children.

The overall aim of the programme is to reduce sedentary behaviour and obesity, but also to increase attainment and concentration of pupils. We promote low-level activities within the classroom, around the school and even at home. Our pupil Active Movement Ambassadors support this promotion too. 

Our pupils regularly take part in the Active Walk around the school grounds and our Active Movement Ambassadors help promote this as well. 

Godolphin ensures that active movement homework is sent home regularly so that it is incorporated into the children’s whole lifestyle.

Its impact can bring a dynamism to the classroom, affecting energy levels, concentration, behaviour, revision, attainment and even nutritional habits.

Active Movement Resources 

Please see below some Active Movement tips which parents and pupils can do at home to stay active.