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Our VP's met Michael Rosen!

Our VP's met Michael Rosen!


As you know, at GJA we are always aiming to lead the way when it comes to excellent practice in English. Therefore, we sent two of our Vice Principals, Mrs Watson-Jones and Miss Powell on a course last week to make sure we remain at the forefront of English education.

While they were training they managed to get this great photo of themselves with the famous children's poet and author Michael Rosen. A real wow moment! Perhaps even more impressive is that Michael Rosen got to meet our two amazing VPs!

If you are wondering why they are pulling such a funny pose in the picture, it's because Miss Powell decided to give Michael Rosen some punctuation advice while they were there and explained to him where he should use a comma. The pose they are pulling is all three of them imitating her placing the comma! 

Typical Miss Powell always on the hunt for punctuation perfection! 

Needless to say our Vice Principals have returned brimming with ideas and enthusiasm for our English lessons.

Well done Mrs Watson-Jones and Miss Powell!