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"The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future"
Theodore Roosevelt (26th President of the United States)


History Intent

At Godolphin Junior Academy, we believe that History should ignite pupils’ curiosity to ask questions about the past and make links to the modern day world. We aim to bring History alive for our pupils through differentiated and engaging lessons. School visits and workshops underpin History as a valuable way of providing memorable first hand experiences to support pupils’ learning.

Our curriculum covers the skills and knowledge outlined in the National Curriculum through inspiring themes which relate to our Power of Reading texts. Skills are planned progressively, so that pupils, by the end of Year 6, will possess the ability to think critically about History and communicate ideas confidently as knowledgeable historians. Well-planned lessons will further develop their understanding of how to interpret and critically evaluate different types of sources of evidence. Pupils will also consider the lasting legacies of different civilisations on our modern world.

Historical enquiry is central to the Godolphin Junior Academy curriculum. A range of primary and secondary sources are explored in engaging lessons. Pupils are taught to be discerning about sources and also to understand the challenges historians face when using different source material. Pupils are encouraged to link their experiences in Modern Britain with their understanding of the past when studying the impact of historical events, civilisations and famous people.

Pupils will have the opportunity to make clear links to broader themes by exploring key concepts like democracy whilst studying different civilisations and considering how these concepts are represented. Key vocabulary is taught within our schemes of work and lessons provide opportunities for pupils to use and apply their new vocabulary.

Through the use of classroom timelines, we endeavour to build pupils’ understanding of the chronological framework of British and World History, thus enabling them to make sense of new knowledge that they acquire and how it links to prior learning. Pupils will consider continuity and change of time.

Godolphin aims to foster a lifelong love of History which will continue for a lifetime 

History Curriculum Overview

History Concepts

View the History concept progression booklet below. This outlines how each concept or 'big idea' interlinks within each History topic so that children can make connections which helps them to learn more and remember more over time. 

History Concepts and Overview updated.pptx 

Our progression map of History knowledge and skills can be found below. 

The History knowledge progression booklet is a collection of the pupil knowledge organisers which support each History topic. The knowledge organisers outline the essential knowledge that children should know and learn. 

The History skills progression document is taken directly from the National Curriculum and carefully organised and sequenced so that children can develop their skills over time and build upon prior learning.